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The mullion-transom wall MB-SR50N EI is used for making light curtain walls and filling the fire in the fire resistance class EI15, EI30, EI45, EI60 according to PN-EN 1364-3 and EN 1364-1 and the glass cover in the roof fire resistance class REI20 / RE30 according to PN-EN 1365-2. The system is classified as not spreading fire (NRO).

In the construction of the MB-SR50N EI were used basic profiles of façade MB-SR50N: poles to a depth of 85 ÷ 225 mm and bolts with a depth of 69.5 ÷ 189.5 mm. View of the facade fire does not deviate from the base system. For fire resistance mullions and transoms they have been equipped with special fire-retardant cartridges. Such a contribution is made ​​of aluminum section acting as reinforcement, sheathed plates of fireproof materials. Glass or other filling are embedded in the fireproof notches shaped profiles of mullions and transoms and bars pressure. To achieve optimal thermal and acoustic insulation in the construction of functions continuous thermal break, made ​​of a material HPVC and profiled seals of EPDM. In addition, the side surfaces of the insulator is used for fire strip, which is under high temperature swells and fills the space between the fillings of the facade. Pressure bar is fixed to the bearing sections by the screw and washer of stainless steel. Such a glazing system provides a relevant technical parameters of the facade and protects glass and other fillings from falling out of the frame during a fire.

The design for fire pole-bolt allows the use of angular connections to ± 7.5 ° to the side and the construction of facades deviated from the vertical at an angle of ± 15 °, based on the glazed roof can have while tilt angle from 0 to 80 °. There is also the possibility of mounting the door of the MB-78EI in mullion-transom facades , maintaining the fire resistance of the whole structure in classes T30 or EI60.