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Cold systems - doors

The aluminum profiles without thermal insulation. It is designed primarily to interior buildings: vestibules, cash boxes, cabinets and partitions. It is also used for sliding doors (manually or automatically operated), swing and smoke-proof.

The PT 50 allows the use of glass fillings, aluminum panels and fills of "sandwich" panels, wood, plasterboard and polycarbonate with a thickness of 1-40 mm.

The structural depth - for frames and sashes - is 52-60 mm.

PT 50 both swing door system, as well as coplanar with the hinge rebate. The advantage of axial clamped hinges is the ease of assembly and adjustment in three planes.

- Precise relation to other Ponzio systems (common corner connections, glazing beads, instrumentation, and most of the fittings);
- Capable of facing the window (one plane outside) and doors (two planes of both the internal and external);
- The possibility of bending profiles;
- Several variants of door leaves: the "kick" (wide beam) or leaf cut at an angle of 45 degrees, with no threshold or threshold
- Possibility to buy smokem doors