Facade Systems

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Facade systems are constructing glazed facades of buildings such as banks, hotels, office buildings, car showrooms, sports halls, etc. They are also used to perform many spatial structures and roof glazing, whose task is adequate lighting interiors of buildings and developing them into a suitable climate and comfort for users. They are the perfect tool for shaping modern architecture and realization of bold visions of designers. The most popular in this group of post and beam systems, offer solutions facade ALUPROF also includes a range of products of various design and external appearance, including a number of individual solutions.

Among the mullion-transom facades of the most technologically advanced design of the system MB-TT50. It was used a completely new approach to building profiles and accessories responsible for the tightness and thermal insulation and assembly technology facade. As a result, we offer a product with one of the highest technical parameters of aluminum facade systems available on the market, perfectly suited to the needs energy-efficient construction and passive.

Offer facades ALUPROF also includes structural glazing systems: MB-SG50 and MB-SG50 SEMI, for building facades of buildings adding prestige and representative character.

Complement system facade is a wall ventilated EXTRABOND, which constitute the outer shell cladding. It provides obtaining high aesthetics and a very good thermal insulation of buildings.
A separate group in the façade systems are the wall-element, such as MB-SE75 and individual project solutions, or systems developed according to strict criteria, in cooperation with the designers of buildings. These systems are designed to meet the unusual project-specific requirements for aesthetics and technical parameters.