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Doors system - lift-slide HS

The doors lift-slide with a thermal barrier MB-77HS is used to make exterior architectural building elements, which are characterized by high thermal insulation, acoustic and tightness to water and air. This system meets all the requirements for energy saving and environmental protection. Parameters doors made ​​from elements of the MB-77HS exceed the strictest requirements, applicable regulations and standards.

Features of the MB-77HS:
• The structural depth of the door is 77 mm (sash), 174 mm (frame 2-rail).
• Profiles used in the system have a three-chamber structure, where the central chamber is the insulation chamber between thermal breaks off shaped with a width of 43, 42, 35 or 27 mm.
• The system allows for, without changing the basic profiles and accessories, 2 variants of structures with different thermal insulation. The first variant (MB-77HS ST) with an empty central chamber between thermal breaks has the lowest thermal insulation. A second embodiment of the door (MB-77HS HI) with a central chamber filled with special insulation insert or septum, between the thermal breaks, dividing the inner air chamber 2 parts have enhanced insulation. With wariantowości design achieved the ability to meet the diverse needs of users while maintaining low costs of storage system components and doors.
• Glazing beads in the shape of a closed, in both Standard and Prestige, allow for robust fitting fillings, which greatly facilitates the construction of burglary. In these strips fixed positioning rollers with EPDM, which makes the mounting strips in the window or door frame.
• gaskets inside are deeply embedded in the glazing strips, and therefore are barely visible from the inside.
• The ranges of possible glass in the thickness of the glass wing doors - from 13.5 to 58.5 mm. A wide range of glass in the allows the installation of all types available on the market two-chamber windows, acoustic or burglary.
• Drainage profiles can be done in versions of indoor or visible with a decorative cap.
• Profiles composite version of the MB-77HS ST and HI can be subjected to a process of powder coating and anodizing.
• The corners are offered as components made ​​of extruded profiles and allow the use of crimping or pinning using glue 2-component Coralglue.
• Technology of construction is extremely simplified to the execution time the door was minimal.
• To perform most of the treatments you can use instrumentation (drilling templates, Prague or dies).
• The maximum dimensions of the door leaves far exceed considered standard: Hs = 3.2 m, Ls = 3,3m. Maximum sash weight - 400 kg.
• MB-77HS is compatible with other systems Aluprof, particularly MB-86. Therefore, multiple elements are used in more than one system, for example. Glazing beads, seals, fittings and accessories most.

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