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The company ALUPROF SA has developed a new profile system with thermal insulation MB-WG60, designed to build the Winter Gardens and other structures such as conservatories, porches or ateliers (hobby room).
Our goal was to design a system that could be used as a living room throughout the year, plus a veranda profiles cold, which can be glazed with sheets of polycarbonate.
The Winter Gardens will be in the form of a design model and architectural solutions designed individually in conjunction with the system curtain wall MB-SR50, where profiles of this system allow the construction of roofs with a very long rafters.
The main idea of the system is the ability to build a warm roof profile-based bars, with a vertical wall clipped any system of windows and doors MB, and to allow any shape of even the most complicated geometry of the roof space.
The winter gardens MB-WG60 meets the highest requirements in terms of safety, thermal insulation, ventilation, regardless of weather conditions. Particularly noteworthy is the fact to emphasize ease of fabrication and installation profiles of the system.