Smoke Venting

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Smoke venting windows

The windows and smoke vents have a special role in ensuring the safety and comfort of people in the building. Properly selected components of the system are the gravitational ventilation and, if necessary, help you quickly get rid of the smoke and toxic fumes hazardous to health and life. Offer these products characterized by a variety of solutions, so that they can operate in individual solutions, as well as elements of integrated aluminum façades or in the roof glazing. They may be based on window systems MB-59S, MB-59S Casement, MB-60 MB-60US, MB-70 MB-70US, MB-86 MB-86US and the solutions designed for facades, such as tilt windows or roof windows. Complemented by the smoke exhaust system and ventilation are windows or doors aeration.

The windows and smoke vents can be equipped with reliable and quiet mechanisms companies D + H, GEZE, in the case of roof windows - also drives ESCO. There are different types of actuators, including actuators with a high opening force, they can be mounted in a window either alone or in synchronized systems, a "tandem". Despite the responsible functions that these structures play in a building they can be characterized by high aesthetics, which provides the ability to use the drive with a small size, arranged parallel to the surface of the window.

Smoke structures based on Aluprof systems have been tested in accordance with EN 12101-2 in the institutes IFT and VdS and have documents confirming obtaining the required technical parameters.