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Euro 68 type Windows

The main product of the company OKNOSTYL are wooden windows EURO 68. This window despite width 68 mm perfectly meets all requirements in terms of tightness, thermal protection on every aesthetic appearance provides a wide range of user satisfaction. Wooden windows made ​​of wood of pine, spruce, oak and meranti (popularly known as mahogany).

Wooden windows EURO 68 have the following advantages:
• Delicate rounding external profiles,
• Design Single-type windows EURO 68 comes standard with a movable post,
• Usable fittings ROTO NT model in silver provide a smooth adjustment, which translates into customer satisfaction,
• Drip aluminum for the frame and sash
• Second seal on the side - further seal and sound insulation,
• Window handles made by HOPPE, Secustik, Luxembourg or Roto

Excellent quality and resistance to warping of the windows made ​​EURO 68 provides three-layer laminated wood dried to the appropriate moisture content. In addition, the life of the woodwork is prolonged impregnation and primer. Thresholds frames and lower edges of the wings are secured by aluminum drips.

Upon request, we make windows:
• in all sizes and shapes: triangular, oval, arched or trapezoidal,
• the possibility of installing additional hardware anti-theft,
• using safety glazing, anti-burglary, sound-absorbing, reflective,
• with additional ventilation (vent).

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