Interior and Exterior Doors

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The entrance door to the apartment or house is the first element to which people pay attention to our visitors. They should match the style of the building, to color, to meet the needs of users. In addition to protection against unfavorable weather conditions, the front door to us also protect against intruders. The most important for us is the quality and precision, attach great importance to every detail. Our products, including doors, are not only nice, but also have adequate protection against thieves (reinforced profiles, anti-theft locks and other accessories. The door's OKNOSTYL is a guarantee of warmth and security.

Standard wood doors manufactured by Oknostyl are:
• Construction: frame and stiles of wings made ​​from three-layer laminated pine, mahogany or oak
• Filling: thermal insulation boards or low-emissivity glazing
• Equipment:
- Espagnolette Lath bolted at three points
- Hinges produced by "GU"
- 2 anti-theft elements
- Aluminum threshold with thermal break
- Seal: two replaceable seals
• Painting: ecological paints Company (impregnation, a primer, topcoat twice).
The company OKNOSTYL are only wooden doors. Each door will do that for you we will be ideally suited to your needs


Interior doors are made ​​of pine, oak and meranyti.
Doors are made ​​to individual order taking into account the needs and requirements of the customer. In our offer you will find the door: single leaf, multi leaf, traditionally open, sliding and folding. They are equipped with frame, gasket, hinges and lock. At the door we assemble all areas of glass.
Our doors will serve you for many years. Because they are durable, aesthetically pleasing and functional. We attach great importance to the client's expectations, and here comes our attention to detail in order to fit the door to your requirements.